The Manuscript


New Money. New Economy. New World.
Saving our Future

Tai Kriegeskotte

The title cover of the book is referential. The final design is yet to be finished.

Our world and our future are going bust unless we take decisive action. Tai Kriegeskotte shows a way forward to put our monetary system, our economy and our world on a secure and sustainable footing. In conjunction with this, he outlines new structures for politics and society.

He does not leave it at abstract proposals, but provides the master plan including the instructions for action. He calls for responsibility to be assumed by the business community and for us to take matters into our own hands, even in the face of resistance, instead of relying on governments and politics.

The current Corona pandemic shows that politicians are not in a position to put things on the right track, regardless of political interests and power struggles. The economy can only survive such and other crises if it becomes value-driven, sustainable and future-proof in the sense of Tai Kriegeskotte’s model. We must “turn the economy blue” and create a responsible society to save our future.

Our future is not negotiable. It must not be left to irresponsible politicians and financial speculators.

Tai Kriegeskotte

Sometimes it takes a “Bad Boy” to move things forward.

The author is not only a visionary thinker, but also an innovator and practical idea generator for the project described in his book. He is an analytical observer and practice-oriented problem solver who has gained his perspective on things from his work as a journalist and consultant, as well as from a life’s journey with some ups and downs.

As a journalist, he has met many personalities at home and abroad over the years and has been not only a reporter but also a valued interlocutor. However, focusing on investigative journalism and the fight against corruption and white-collar crime, he has preferred to work in the background.

Similarly unobtrusive, he has sought creative and unconventional solutions as a political consultant and experienced advisor in international economic affairs and “special cases.”

Tai feels the time has come to come out into the open and abandon his reticence. He is resolutely and energetically spearheading an exemplary initiative that is ready to take on opposition, even in a combative manner – so that our world and all of us have a future.

Be warned about this man.He is a Bad Boy, but he could save our future.

Foreword by Tai Kriegeskotte

It is time to act.

The previous economic and social system, in whatever shades, and with it the financial and monetary system are at an end. No solutions are created, but more and more and new problems that threaten the existence of humans and our world. It is not a matter of shaping the future, but the present, otherwise there will be no future.

I do not want to tarry only enumerating well-known problems, and I certainly have no intention to join the ranks of those who always knew everything, gave warning, but have not taken responsibility and done nothing about it. Taking responsibility means acting. Acting means shaping something new and better, with all your might. With all our might and against the resistance of those who want to preserve something, for whatever reason, whose expiration date has come and become destructive.

Capitalism is a dinosaur that must make way for a new and better form of economy and society. This does not require a revolution or even an asteroid impact, but only an evolutionary process initiated by a convincing idea based on common sense and practical action. A new economic and financial system – responsible valorism, or valorism for short – will open up more and new opportunities based on real and genuine values combined with sustainability and fair cooperation: for the good of each individual and for the good of all.

If we are talking here about a new economic and social system that will develop, then we must also be aware that the evolution of forms of rule and government will go hand in hand with it. For valorism will lead to an economic participation of all and to a co-determination and self-determination that will unquestionably have an influence on the political structures. For this, too, a model of realization and the way to it will be outlined.

With new money we build a new economy and a new world. We are basing the new world and thus our future on a “blue” economy for all, real values, sustainability, cooperation and responsibility in all areas. We must act decisively before it is too late. Here is the instruction manual. Together, anything is possible.

Tackled, we act.