A collage of an unusual person

by Nikolaus Kröning

Does this man need to be warned about or should he be applauded?


When you work with a person like Tai Kriegeskotte for years and are fascinated each time anew by the strength and wealth of ideas with which he approaches things, how he carries others along and the immense treasure of knowledge and experience on which he can draw then it is a challenge to portray him.

Little is known about him in public. Wikipedia has, as yet, nothing about him. A search on Google brings up some results, but it cannot paint a true picture. For that, one has to describe his many facets and the ambivalence of his person and his different “manifestations”, fields of work and interests.

I am trying to point out to them in this collage, by presenting what is apparent and what seems to be enigmatic, in an open format. Very personal things will be left out, because it is not meant to be a biography, but information about an unusual person, who thinks ahead and has set things in motion that make you sit up and take notice.

I have gotten to know Tai Kriegeskotte over the years without really knowing him in all his diversity. That’s why I interviewed him, researched, and asked friends and foes about him for information. The result is not a complete picture, but an exciting mosaic and a colourful collage. Perhaps it will become a biography after all.

Nikolaus Kröning, author

His visionary power is a bomb with immense explosive effect…

The visionary

Tai Kriegeskotte’s visionary ideas are the result of his complex way of thinking. In his speeches and lectures, he lets the audience participate in how one interlocks with the other and how they condition and complement each other. For the seemingly simple solutions, courage and determination are needed in addition to an understanding of the interrelationships. The visionary brings this with him, as his actions prove. He not only convinces and inspires participants at his appearances and talks in smaller or larger circles, but also motivates them to tackle things. Since his ideas are always accompanied by concrete instructions for action, his visions could come true and “save our future,” as he calls for.

Moreover, those visionary ideas and fantastic projects that he only talks about in small circles are not just ideas, but apparently an anticipated future waiting to be realized. At least his companions and also more and more of his listeners are convinced of this.

Anyone who wants to take a closer look at his ideas and proposed solutions and get to know the strategic thinker Tai Kriegeskotte should read his currently important book “New Money. New Economy. New World.” or attend one of his lectures. But he also lets people in on it in his blog. There he describes how he thinks, what he is convinced of, what has to happen and how he himself works on the realization in practice with his unorthodox way of thinking and acting.

The blueprint and the concrete instructions

The previous economic and social system and with it the financial and monetary system are at an end. It is not a matter of shaping the future, but of shaping the present, otherwise there will be no future.

Tai Kriegeskotte does not leave it at abstract suggestions, but supplies the blueprint and the instructions for action for it as well.

The book cover is exemplary.
The final design has not yet been completed.

Official functions of Klaus Friedrich “Tai” Kriegeskotte

  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the KTP Foundation
  • President of KTP BlueCapital Inc., Miami / New York
  • Director of KTP Blue Technologies Corp., Vancouver
  • Deputy Director of the BlueTech Instituts, Berlin / Vancouver
  • Acting partner of the AQ STRATEGIC Advisers Network, Berlin / New York
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TREEEC eG, Berlin
  • Chairman of the Board of TREEEC RES:Q eG, Bernburg (Saale)
  • Editor-in-chief of DIPLOMATIC Media GmbH, Berlin
  • Publisher ERMITTLUNGSAKTE.DE (H.M. Hartenberg)

His innovative strength let’s burst encrusted structures for entirely new opportunities…

The Innovator & Initiator

When it comes to getting new ideas and developments off the ground and implementing them technically and economically, Tai Kriegeskotte has his own understanding of innovation. Namely: in every step from the idea and the on-going development of something, to the form of financing and the integration of partners, to the meticulous implementation of the business model. In doing so, he unleashes his innovative power in every detail and with a perfectionism that demands a lot from his partners and employees. Torsten Mark, CoS at KTP, puts it into words: “The man is a madman, but it’s also insanely exhausting to follow him in his ingenious inventiveness. But when it’s done, you’re just amazed at how simple and comprehensible it all is.”

The innovator and initiator: implementing his masterpiece with the TREEEC megaproject, to turn visionary ideas into practical solutions. If you look at the project areas alone, divided into innovative sub-projects and individual projects and which are planned down to the smallest detail, you are amazed. No wonder that TREEEC is already considered an insider tip abroad and is traded as the “Biggest Unicorn ever”.
“Established companies will either become partners of the system or will have to compete with TREEEC and go down,” Kriegeskotte is convinced.

New Money. New Economy. New World.

TREEEC is the ingenious project of an own EcoCosmos, which should connect companies and people worldwide.
The basis is its own cryptocurrency and innovative lead projects.

Smart, value-based and sustainable money without interest

TREEEC’s money is not just any new cryptocurrency but a stable currency model with which regional, national and international business and payments can be made more easily.

TREEEC Leading Projects
Catalysts for dissemination and turbo for member companies

The complex lead project areas have a strategic dimension and integrate associated innovative main and individual projects. They are designed in such a way that companies can be involved as strategic partners or project partners at the various levels.

His ingenious inventiveness makes distant spaces reachable even against resistance…

The techno rebel

One calls himself a Techno-King, like the already legendary Elon Musk. On the other hand, Tai Kriegeskotte is a techno-rebel who shakes the pedestals of the kings who offer interesting technology and a lot of lifestyle, but whose products lack long-term value, sustainability and future viability. Instead of the ex-and-hop, the throwing away after a far too short life, or built-in wear-and-tear, he relies on technical solutions that can be upgraded and updated in the long term. For which the spare parts supply does not run out after a while, and which are still state of the art even after one or several decades. But which also offer a lot more in terms of integrative utility value in connection with other technical systems.

Tai Kriegeskotte has created his own practical methodology for developing even complex technical systems in collaboration with engineers and technicians. He does not want to reinvent the wheel, but relies on the combination of already existing and proven technology as well as new innovative partial solutions. He combines these with his own innovative ideas to create a meaningful whole that is better than just the addition of its parts. It often turns out that the development partners have already thought ahead, but that what is gathering dust in the drawer can finally be put into function in conjunction with Tai Kriegeskotte.

“Any idiot can have a car or an airplane built, if only he has the money,” says Tai Kriegeskotte. He sees the task, on the other hand, as innovatively integrating the technical system into an overall concept and thus achieving economic market leadership. The techno rebel could make kingdoms tremble and totter that are still admired for their oh-so-innovative but far too unsustainable technology.

BlueTechnologies for a BlueFuture

Tai Kriegeskotte and his teams develop innovative technical systems in conjunction with TREEEC’s leading projects, among others.

Such technical systems are for example:

  • VOON – modular hybrid-van
  • COON – urban mobility system
  • ZOON – innovative STOL-transport aircraft
  • T:SYS – sustainable communication and data processing system
  • eTREE – innovative energy production
  • CANrailer – flexible rail transport systemf
  • Q:Manager – AI-powered self-management system
  • … and some more

The “Voodoo Unit (VU)” for special projects

The techno-rebel also tackles innovative development projects and asymmetric solutions in security and defence, showing how things could be done faster, better and cheaper. Such projects bear names like SleepingDuck, SleepingDolphin or DeepPreventer-Y.

With eTHOR, he is focusing on the use of controlled nuclear energy in the civilian sector in the form of small units of modularly inter-connectable thorium liquid salt reactors.

His creativity and assertiveness can make the press roar…

The Journalist & Media Maker

There are journalists and journalists. Tai Kriegeskotte sees himself as a solid craftsman who does a good job, no more and no less. Star airs and his own self-promotion are far from his mind, although he has had and continues to have access to more leading personalities internationally than many a journalistic “shining light”. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that, beyond his journalistic work, he is a valued advisor and a man whose friendship you can rely on once you have acquired it. But his enmity is also a sword of Damocles for those who mess with him.

For this Klaus Friedrich “Tai” Kriegeskotte has two faces as a journalist. On the one hand, there is the editor-in-chief and media maker. His subject areas are foreign policy, security and defence, and foreign economic policy, but his spectrum goes well beyond that. As a media maker, he forms innovative new formats. He demonstrates his flair and professional knowledge in developing media for upscale and very demanding readers and users as well as for normal info needs and the tabloids.

On the other side is the investigative journalist who works under the (official) pseudonym Hanns-Martin Hartenberg. Supported by a small team, his strength lies in working in the background, whoever then publishes the results.

For Robert Maxwell, the controversial British publisher who met an abrupt end 30 years ago that still leaves questions unanswered for some today, he says, “The man treated me fairly, and he gave me opportunities and access that you can only dream of as an investigative journalist.” By that he means material about individuals that he was able to secure and evaluate from the trove of socialist services during the period of German reunification. Kriegeskotte-Hartenberg continues to do investigative work today, albeit less than in the past. His archive of unpublished material could be used for a whole series of publications and is likely to make some people sweat.

Editor in Chief of DIPLOMATIC Media

He not only oversees DIPLOMATIC’s media as editor-in-chief, but has also developed and advanced it.

With Q:PAPER, he has created a particularly innovative form of combined print and online media that reaches readers and users in an individualized way.

TREEEC relies on a strong presence with its own media and on a complex interaction and mutual complementing of TV, online and print. Tai Kriegeskotte is responsible for the innovative formats he has developed and combines them with a strong event sector and the service structure of TREEEC 4YOU.

ERMITTLUNGSAKTE is Hanns-Martin Hartenberg and thus Tai Kriegeskotte. The format is about to be re-launched with new content.

In the early 2000s, under the title “Young, Dynamic, Excessive,” he uncovered questionable facts about Freenet’s management at the time.

At “PROJECT PERICLES,” Kriegeskotte-Hartenberg (then also under the pseudonym “Scheppe”) secured and evaluated hundreds and hundreds of personal dossiers on politicians from Vienna in conjunction with Maxwell during the fall of communism. The reactions to prevent his disclosures were fierce to brutal. The material is made up to provide information about many unexplained and many still unknown outrages of known names. It is now in a highly secure archive, just in case.

But he is a Bad Boy and can also be a highly dangerous spoilsports…

Der Game Changer & Bad Boy

On the one hand, there is Tai Kriegeskotte as Business Development Manager and specialist for sophisticated marketing methods with an asymmetric approach. He implements the complex models he develops in order to open up markets and gain a strong position in a general-purpose manner. He requires his team to think along with him, to react quickly and to be extremely precise. It is not easy to meet his standards, but those who manage to get a permanent place in one of his teams are qualified for higher tasks. “I’m working hard to rationalize myself away,” is one of his words when asked if everything is coming together for him. But even the “emancipated” former team members, who have taken on management tasks on their own responsibility, always ask for his advice and call on him when things get stuck.

TREEEC and, in particular, the lead projects within it bear his unmistakable signature, also with regard to marketing and sales methodology. There is no fiddling about, things are done in a big way. Market tests are seamlessly transformed into market development. For some systems, which may not be available for two, three or four years, there are already interested parties and ready customers in a large number of countries. Either you are at the forefront and marching with Tai Kriegeskotte, or you are at the back of the pack and lagging behind.

A special field of activity of Tai Kriegeskotte is the economic war. In this area, too, not only his outstanding abilities are evident, but also his ambivalence and Janus-faced character. A lifelong member of SCIP, an American organization of relevant “Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals,” the constructive advisor is also, by his own methodology, one of the toughest and most creative special operations professionals in the world. When he is called, the battle is at a standstill or almost lost for his client. Then only a man like Tai Kriegeskotte can make sure that his client gets the big public procurement contract that is being fought for in a third country. Consistently blocking unclean methods of the other side and countering quickly and precisely with asymmetric methodology and creative use of information, intelligence and influence is his principle. When he says, “I intervene not so that my clients get the contract, but so that their competitors do NOT get it,” the Bad Boy and Game Changer is speaking.

Management and crisis consulting

As the owner of KTP-KRIEGESKOTTE, his focus is on business development management, strategic marketing, crisis management, crisis communication and crisis intervention.

Strategic Advisers Network

Tai Kriegeskotte is one of the founders and still managing partner of this network of international strategic consultants.


MAOps was developed by Tai Kriegeskotte as a powerful tool for economic warfare in which methods of: information procurement, intelligence and influence work together in a complex way.
AQ STRATEGIC implements this in large-scale procurement projects. MAOps can be likened to the use of Special Forces.

The Academy for Defensive Economics is a KTP and AQ STRATEGIC facility for training Economic Warfare Professionals for their own and associated companies.

The organizational requirements for this academy are currently being created in order to be able to train a larger number of professionals in the future, similar to the French “École de guerre économique”.

He is also a captain to be trusted, because he can sail to new shores even in a heavy storm.

The Argonaut

There are projects that sound so fantastic that it’s hard to believe they could ever be realized. While some want to emigrate to Mars and others want to mine raw materials on asteroids, Tai Kriegeskotte raises the bar. He sets the motto: “What can be thought can be done, if you create the means for it.”

There are projects that sound so fantastic that it’s hard to believe they could ever be realized. While some want to emigrate to Mars and others want to mine raw materials on asteroids, Tai Kriegeskotte raises the bar. He sets the motto: “What can be thought can be done, if you create the means for it.”

What was not considered fantastic and seemed unbelievable in the past. Today, with the rapid pace of technical development in all areas, nothing should be ruled out. Just as Jason set out with the Argonauts to achieve the sheer impossible: namely to take hold of the Golden Fleece. If you look at the one and other project and technical system that Tai Kriegeskotte designs and develops, it is not surprising that some recognize in it the preparations for the Argo. Or for an ark? Or both? Or even more?

Others seem more tangible, without being less astonishing. Like KXAIROS: an old system under a new name, today more topical than ever. A very special form of “insurance” and far beyond, it secures the present and the future for selected people, and their integrity in any case of all possible events. Or is this perhaps also a part of the Argo and possibly a very important one?

Tai Kriegeskotte is a modern Argonaut, a Jason for the present and the future, and a captain who can steer the ship with a sure hand even in a storm.


KXAIROS is an institution for a select group of people. Those who want to enjoy the benefits must meet special requirements. Appropriate capital is only one of them, and not even the most important one. For more than 30 years, Tai Kriegeskotte has been the chief administrator of this unique and “ultimate” system.

KXAIROS is about to be expanded by connecting it to one of the most visionary and technically challenging projects of the century by Tai Kriegeskotte – for the true Argonauts.
Is this more than a vision? Close associates of Tai Kriegeskotte are either sceptical or enthusiastic – as the visionary and Argonaut smiles.

XYZ – The Survival Formula for Billionaires

For the small but exclusive group of very wealthy people, Tai Kriegeskotte gives concrete instructions on how to survive disruptive social and economic changes and even an apocalypse and save their status. He draws on decades of experience combined with an ultimate “survival system” for this exclusive group of people.

Publication date of the
New edition:
March 15, 2022

“Tai Kriegeskotte is the total product of visionary power, innovative strength, complex thinking, ingenious inventiveness, sparkling creativity, unorthodox methods, tenacious assertiveness and great precision in implementation. He is always good for surprises. But he can also be a red-hot spoilsport.”„

Johan Obdola
Friend and co-initiator

“Don’t knock slogans, but tackle them so we can get things moving.”

Comment from Tai Kriegeskotte