our Future

This book can change the world.

Our world and our future are going down the drain and will break if we do not act decisively. Tai Kriegeskotte shows a way to proceed and put our money and our economy on a safe and sustainable foundation. Linked to this, he outlines new structures of politics and society.

Tai does not stop at abstract proposals, but delivers the blueprint and the instructions ready to go. He calls for taking it into your own hands, despite any and all resistance, instead of counting on governments and politics. They, including populist gamblers and destructors, will have to either join in, or bow to the positive changes it will create.

Our future is nonnegotiable.
It must not be up to irresponsible politicians, financial gamblers, and racketeers.


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Foreword by Tai Kriegeskotte

It’s time to act.

The previous economic and social system, in whatever shades, and with it the financial and monetary system are at an end. No solutions are being created, but more and more new problems that threaten the existence of people and our whole planet. It is not about shaping the future, but the present, otherwise we will have no future.

I do not want to stay only with listing problems, and I certainly do not want to join the ranks of those who have always known and warned, but have not taken responsibility and done nothing. Taking responsibility means acting. Acting means making something new and better, with all our might. With all the strength and against the resistance of those who want to conserve something, for whatever reason, whose expiration date has come.

Capitalism is a dinosaur that has to give way to a new and better form of economy and society. It does not take a revolution, not even an asteroid impact, but only an evolutionary process initiated by a convincing idea based on common sense and practical action. A new economic and financial system – responsible valorism, or valorism for short – will create more and new opportunities based on true and real values connected with sustainability and fair cooperation. For the benefit of every individual and for the benefit of all.

If we are talking about a new economic and social system that will evolve, then we must also be aware that the evolution of the forms of ruling and government will go hand in hand with it. Because the Valorismus will lead to the economic participation of all and a co-determination and self-determination, which will undoubtedly have influence on the political structures. Also for this a model of realization and the way to it is described.

What it is about

  1. Our world and our future are failing.
    Money and currencies are not worth anything anymore.
    Greed, lust for power, and every increasing populism destroy everything.
  2. We have to act decisively before it is too late.
    By actively resisting the destruction.
    We must checkmate the destroyers.
  3. With new money we build a new economy and a new world.
    Based on the principle of an Economy for Everyone, real values, sustainability and cooperation.
    Valorism will replace Capitalism.

This is the blueprint.
Together anything is possible.

“The horse used to just be lame. Now it’s flat-out kicking the bucket.”

Tai Kriegeskotte about our economic system

Tai Kriegeskotte

Sometimes a “bad boy” is needed to get things moving.
A “bad boy”, when it’s an emergency and no one else can do it.
The emergency is now.

The author is not only a visionary thinker, but also an innovator and a practical source of ideas for the project described in his book. He is an analytical observer and practice-oriented problem solver who has gained his point of view from his work as a journalist and adviser as well as from a life journey with plenty ups and downs.

As a journalist he has met many personalities in Germany and abroad over the years and was not only a reporter, but also a valued conversation partner. However, as he focused on investigative journalism and the fight against corruption and economic crime, he preferred to work in the background.

Similarly inconspicuous, he has sought creative and unconventional solutions as an experienced consultant in politics, international business matters, and in “special cases” in the background.

Tai now sees that the time has come to leave the shadows and abandon restraint. Now, he takes a determined and energetic position at the head of an exemplary initiative, ready to overcome any resistance; so our world and all of us may have a future.

Attention when you see this man.
He is a douchebag indeed, but might just save our future.